Advance warning: I tried to be articulate, but really it just devolves into a bunch of profanity because this piece of shit doesn’t deserve this much of my time. Also, fixed because Tumblr randomly cut off the last half of this.

A junior at Georgetown University decided to sit in on a Sociology of Hip-Hop class, and came out looking like a real asshole. This joker lost me when he wrote

When I initially heard about the course, I thought it perhaps a clever, ironic dig at modern sociological methodology and the dismal state of contemporary musical culture.

but I decided to read on, because I hate myself apparently.

And then

Carter represents an element of modern American society that many find crude and unpleasant, so it is important to understand the viewpoint of this particular party. It is less appropriate, however, to spend an entire course on this material and pretend that it fulfills a serious academic purpose.

Really? You don’t see any academic purpose in studying the works of a figure prominent in a large aspect of modern-day American life?


Who honestly thinks that the productions of Carter can compare in any way, shape or form with the Homeric corpus? The great bard inclines toward the divine; he brings to light much of the character of human nature and puts man in communion with higher things. Rap music frolics in the gutter, resplendent in vulgarity and the most crass of man’s wants.

Oh FUCK OFF! He lost all credibility to talk about this stuff when he said that last bolded thing. Also, has this guy actually read any Homer? Because the more I read this piece, the less I think that’s true. He makes it sound like Homer only talks about high and lofty things, ignoring that most of The Iliad is about a guy sulking in his tent because someone took away his toys, and that there is plenty of the most crass of man’s wants in both of Homer’s epics.

Besides, Jay-Z’s beat would probably not sound too out of place next to some dactylic hexameters.

More of this goodness:

It speaks volumes that we engage in the beat of Carter’s pseudo-music while we scrounge to find serious academic offerings on Beethoven and Liszt. We dissect the lyrics of “Big Pimpin‘,” but we don’t read Spenser or Sophocles closely. Our pedagogical commitments are disordered, and I think that in our heart of hearts we know this.

One ‘fuck you’ for calling it pseudo-music, another ‘fuck you’ for the fallacy that for every class on Jay-Z there is one less class on what you seem to consider real music or real literature, and another FUCK YOU for the road. Don’t spend it all in one place.

When I asked a peer what class I was sitting in on, with a bit of embarrassment, she sheepishly admitted that it was “sociology … of hip hop.” Her blush confirmed what we all know: At this ancient school, with the accumulated wisdom of the ages, we should not be spending our time in sorry endeavors.

If you’re not using the “accumulated wisdom of the ages” to try to understand the times we live in today, you have no business talking about them. And I would put a pithy Homer quote here, but nothing comes to mind and damn this is a missed opportunity.