Throwback Thursday… The time we drove all the way to Cedar Point (and didn’t die)

Caitlin and I have the dumbest (by which I mean best) photos together. Also, Cedar Point is amazing and if I am ever back in Ohio I am going back there with my friends, drinking at the TGI Friday’s by the weird little shoreline thing, and riding ALL the rollercoasters.

I know I bruise easily (metaphor!) but I still have no idea how this happened

Old 97’s - Let’s Get Drunk and Get It On

After one listen-through of this album I’m ready to call this my favorite Old 97’s record (then again, I’ve only listened to like, three in full, and the best of compilation).

Let’s drink whisky and do it all night long, let’s get drunk and get it awwn

Yesterday there was an owl at my brother’s school. I love owls so much.

Oh, Adam!

  • caitlin: no
  • me: what is happen
  • caitlin: no
  • me: adam why you do
  • caitlin: what. what it mean. this is end???
  • me: what is. jesus the symbolism
  • caitlin: i can't…whattttt
  • me: but why
  • caitlin: no neiiiiin
  • me: caitlin, hold me
  • caitlin: noooo HOLD ME
  • And thus the latest episode of 'Rev.' reduced both me and [Caitlin] to internet incoherency.

Of course this comes in the mail just as I have decided not to go to reunion (turns out trying to get a new passport and a US visa and plane tickets with just over a month to go is not the best idea)

Easters I have experienced, ranked in descending magnitude of terribleness

  1. That one Easter I almost drowned while scuba diving (I know it was Easter because I remember thinking to myself as I surfaced and immediately vomited ‘of course you would go try to die just to spite Jesus coming back from the dead’)
  2. All other Easters

My grocery store finally decided to stock up on ginger beer so obviously I spent these last couple of days in a dark ‘n’ stormy haze, because why wouldn’t you

Good (grief, we’ve been looking for this secret beach for hours, and it turns out we went to the wrong one, let’s give up and walk back up the hill past these Walking Dead-esque abandoned buses and then go mess around with the controls in this ship and can I please please please press the red button labeled ‘horn’? No? OK I guess) Friday

No, I did not go to the crucifixions

This season on The Americans

  • Oleg is giving off some serious ‘abusive boyfriend’ vibes, but that scene with him and Nina playing computer games was so adorable that I hated Oleg a little less
  • And Oleg being smart is making me hate him even less
  • But if he screws Arkady over or kills/gets Nina killed I will be very upset
  • LOL-ing at Stan’s pain
  • I would like a ‘Clark and Martha’ spinoff please
  • Philip buying American things and then dancing is the best thing in the world
  • Caitlin and I set trans-Pacific ‘The Americans’ viewing dates because we will probably die if we don’t discuss the show in real time
  • Every single time this show ends I can’t believe that 50 minutes can feel so short